Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome To Our Family

This is Jonathan.  He is a Cultural Anthropologist but has crossed over to the dark side of archaeology due to too many viewings of Indiana Jones.  He teaches anthropology, kickboxing, and tai chi, holds a 4th degree black belt in kenpo karate and has a mean one inch punch!  Jonathan can eat cupcakes in a single bite but sticks to a plant-based diet on most days.  In his spare time he likes to create new workout routines for his fitness classes, watch south park, and read books on philosophy.

This is Sarah.  She is an ex-archaeologist who currently works in property management.  She takes her husband’s fitness classes and thinks she is better for it.  Focused on healthy living, she also consumes a plant-based diet but loves ice cream almost as much as she loves her husband.  In her spare time she likes to try new recipes, scour the web for foodporn, shop for shoes, and read about the new farming movement.

This is Igor Stravinsky.  He is the oldest of the kitties and simply walked in the front door of Jonathan’s mother’s house one day and stayed.  He is the quintessential cat, loving warm sunny spots, long cat naps, and curling up in the lap of anyone that will have him.  Careful, he drools!

This is Vomer.  She was adopted from a rescue group after having survived a fairly substantial surgery to repair a hernia.  She is soft like a bunny and only likes to be petted when its her decision.  She loves tuna water and once stole an entire jumbo shrimp from the counter top in a single stealth move.  She is by far the strangest kitty as she likes to have her armpits scratched and be petted when someone is on the toilet.  TMI?  Yeah, probably.

This is Boo, aka Boo Bear.  The youngest of the bunch, she was picked up in the alley of Lafayette, Indiana and was the loudest meower of the litter.  She is most definitely a complainer and lets everyone know when she is unhappy or bored.  She is especially good at knocking things off the table and has a current infatuation with used q-tips.

 This is Sudan.  She is a rescued greyhound who used to race in Daytona, Florida.  She once peed on Sarah’s shoe to show her unhappiness with her work schedule but has since been forgiven (mostly).  She sleeps about 20 hours a day but loves to run circles in the backyard to use up all that extra energy.  She is one fast dog!  She plays with stuffed animals and stock piles them on her bed.  She is also the early riser of the household, often waking her humans up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am to be let outside.  She hates rain and would rather hold it until her teeth float than get her sleek coat all wet.  Definitely a prissy dog, she doesn’t like drinking out of the bowls shop owners place outside during hot weather. 

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