Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Begins....

Hi, my name is Jonathan and along with my wife, Sarah, we welcome you to our Fit Foundation blog!  We are currently stuck, trapped, and otherwise stranded in L.A.  Yes, the weather here is nice, but our goal of opening a fitness studio in a place that practically grows them on every street corner (not to mention outrageous rent prices) does not seem like a smart business plan.  What to do?  Well, we moved to California from Indiana (we met in Grad school at Purdue) and have since realized Indiana feels like “home” to us.  As soon as we can save enough money to move back, we will put into motion our plan of opening a fitness studio.  Will this be another big box gym or one method only Pilates studio?  Hell no.  S and I are both passionate about fitness and eating healthy, organic, and primarily plant-based diets.  Essentially, we think if one builds a foundation of functional fitness movements combined with an organic, largely plant-based diet, that individual will become not only healthier in the short-term, but have the necessary structure to positively impact their long-term health and well-being.  

Sunny SoCal
Colder-than-shit Indiana
How are we going to accomplish this?  Although the devil is in the details (which we have not worked out yet) we have a basic fitness/health philosophy.  


1.        THE MIND COMES FIRST.  The mind initiates action in the body.  Without a conscious drive to improve one’s current state/condition, progress will not be made.  Additionally, participating in physical fitness activities and researching healthy eating helps to sharpen the mind as well.  Mind and body are linked, not separate. 
2.       NUTRITION IS ALSO PRIMARY.  For our bodies to “perform” in the sense of being healthy, illness free, and strong, a sound nutritional foundation is essential.  Fueling our bodies with fast food, processed crap, and high fructose corn-syrup will only lead to disease and death. 
3.       FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.  Physical fitness in today’s world is focused too much on form over function—all show and no go.  Take care of function, and form will follow suit.
4.       BASICS ARE FUNDAMENTAL.  Growth, development, improvement….cannot happen without the basics.  Basic nutrition and exercises are fundamental to overall health. 
5.       NO BULLSHIT FADS.  There is no secret to health and fitness.  No magic pill, only hard work and knowledge.  Period. 
6.       POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO.  You must be able to effectively carry and use your own body. 
8.       DIVERSITY OVER RIGIDITY.  There is not a single path to health, wellness, and overall fitness.  Multiple avenues are needed for complete overall wellness.
9.       HEALTH AND FITNESS IS A PROCESS.  The two cannot be accomplished overnight, nor can they be discontinued when a “goal” has been reached.
10.   HARD WORK IS ALSO PRIMARY.  No amount of equipment, fashionable clothing, or expensive diets will substitute for hard work in and out of the gym. 
11.   MEDIOCRITY IS CONTAGIOUS AND INFECTIOUS.  Eating unhealthy foods and avoiding exercise is easy—do what a lot of people do.  Don’t do what others do if you want genuine improvement. 
12.   JUST FUCKING DO IT!  You can think about exercising and eating healthy all you want—it won’t change your situation.  Get up, take action, and just fucking do it.  

Idealistic?  Probably.  But, this blog is our beginning, our genesis, our first action (see #14) towards our goal.  Moving forward, you can expect to see a variety of blog posts: business plans/ideas, moving across the country, looking for gym space, recipes, nutritional articles, bitching and moaning, and who knows what else.  We welcome you on our journey and look forward to every step of the way.  


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